We enhance the performance of your asset and assist you in achieving maximum returns.

How we work

We blend technical expertise with adaptable methodologies in our design and delivery process to create exceptional offerings swiftly, efficiently, and economically. Leveraging our unparalleled knowledge of the tenant market, we aid you in optimising your commercial assets, resulting in superior return on investment.

What we do

Our services encompass catering to diverse tenant profiles and expediting the occupancy of your premises. Whether it’s shell and core or Cat A fit outs, we can create hybrid plans to appeal to your desired tenants. Our goal is to ensure that both you and your tenants maximise the potential of your space.

Managing Assets

Our aim is to assist you in realising the highest possible amount of lettable space, thereby optimising your offering.

Built to lease

Offering is a pre-fitted option for landlords, which includes a basic fit-out that is move-in ready for tenants. We collaborate with you to determine whether a cellular or open-plan layout would be the most appropriate for your space.

Optimising assets

We hold consultations with you to comprehend your investment strategy, aligning the asset with your objectives and customising the build to bolster their realisation

Adding Value

By prioritising your target tenants during the design phase, we enhance the appeal of your offering, resulting in higher rental rates and quicker occupancy. This provides a cost-effective solution for upgrading your existing properties & delivering a greater return on investment

Your Landlord Timeline

Benefitting from years of experience with tenants, we possess a deep understanding of the needs of your desired tenants.


We comprehend your goals, aid in conceptual development, and devise a practical plan to facilitate the implementation of your investment strategy.


We assist in conducting due diligence checks right from the start, preempting any unforeseeable hurdles that may impact your investment decision.


We ensure that designs are aligned with your strategic brief and value-creation criteria, facilitating the maximisation of your return on investment.


We protect you from risks through a comprehensive development program.


We work diligently and efficiently to meet delivery and installation timelines with precision.


We aid in the execution of your go-to-market strategy, ensuring a seamless integration of new customers.


We ensure the smooth operation of the asset with minimal disruption.


We monitor and control to ensure the continued performance of your asset.

The SCAPE approach

Design and Build is a contemporary approach to procurement in which clients engage a single company to handle both the design and construction of their space under a unified contract. This method offers improved cost transparency from an early stage and eliminates the risk for the client, unlike traditional procurement, without compromising on technical proficiency. Collaborating with your professional teams, we design and deliver spaces that optimise return on investment.

What makes landlord clients continue to work with us?

We assure our clients of certainty and top-notch delivery quality, with our process ensuring seamless progression through each stage of the property lifecycle. At our core, we view every project as a partnership and collaborate closely with our clients to fulfill their objectives.

Our Latest Projects

Who we work with

The types of clients we serve include landlords, flex operators, serviced office providers, and coworking businesses. Essentially, any business seeking to offer pre-fitted space for tenants can benefit from our services.

To ensure the success of our clients’ properties, our spaces must cater to a diverse range of potential tenants, maintain high quality standards that align with the building and location, be designed to meet the demands of the local market, be priced appropriately, and generate desirable returns for our clients. Additionally, the space must be durable and adaptable enough to accommodate multiple occupants over time while remaining timeless in its appeal. We collaborate closely with our clients and their consultants to determine the optimal combination of these factors.

Scape - Built to Work
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